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  • Are Bats Birds?

    Are Bats Birds?

    This activity gives AP students the opportunity to work with the protein database: UniProt by sequencing the protein hemoglobin in bats, birds, and other mammals.

  • Amniote Egg Coloring

    Amniote Egg Coloring

    Color the amniote egg of a chicken and compare to the development of a human embryo.

  • What Does a Bird’s Beak Tell You About Its Diet?

    What Does a Bird’s Beak Tell You About Its Diet?

    In this activity, students examine images of birds and make inferences about the bird’s diet and lifestyle based on the shape of their beaks and legs.  Birds are very diverse in their habits, spear-shaped beaks are used for fishing,  short stout beaks are used for cracking seeds, and the curved beaks of raptors are used…

  • Mini Field Trip to the Park

    Mini Field Trip to the Park

    If you’re on the last days before school is out for the summer, you are probably encountering a lot of excited kids who really aren’t interested in sticking their nose in a book. Why not take them outside onto the school grounds or a nearby park and do outdoor projects?