Amniote Egg Coloring


This activity includes a section of reading that explains how the aminote egg allowed amphibians to make a complete transition to land, by carrying the water needed for development inside a specialized egg.   

The text then compares the amniote egg of oviparous animals, like birds and reptiles, to the placenta and amnion of viviparous animals like mammals.  Students must color two images to model the parts of the amniote egg:  albumin, chorion, allantois, amnion, and yolk.   

Students must answer basic questions regarding the egg, the answers can be found my carefully reading the activity instructions.

This is a great activity to pair with a demonstration where you soak an egg in vinegar over a couple of days to show how the shell of reptiles differs from bird shells.

Grade Level:  7-9
Time Required:  20-30 minutes