Biology 1 Curriculum with Course Map and Materials

Our school adopted the Miller and Levine Bee book this year (2023) and much of my older resources needed updating. The sequence is slightly different than the old textbook. Students learn ecology in the first semester instead of the second.

You can access the complete curriculum for the 1st semester at Biology 1 & 1A

In my school, A designations are for honors classes. Much of the material remains the same, with some additional assignments and greater depth in concepts. For example, in Biology 1, we briefly go over the photosynthesis. In biology 1A, we also focus on the light dependent and independent reactions.

Biology 1 is a semester long class. Most students will move on to Biology 2 (or 2A) in the second semester. Students who do not succeed in this class are moved to an introductory level biology class.

Chapters Covered

1 – Science of Biology
2 – The Chemistry of Life
3 – The Biosphere
4 – Ecosystems
5 – Populations
6 – Communities
7 – Human Impacts
8 – Cells and Membranes
9 – Photosynthesis
10 – Cellular Respiration
11 – Cell Growth

Each of the chapters contains slide presentations. Students can also complete reading guides for each chapter, organized by section. In addition, worksheets compliment the lesson, such as this overview of variables in an experiment.

All materials can be downloaded for free. Some answer keys are available at Teachers Pay Teachers, as well as assessments.