Biology 2 Curriculum and Course Map Materials


Our school adopted the Miller and Levine Bee book this year (2023) and much of my older resources needed updating. The sequence is slightly different than the old textbook. Students learn ecology in the first semester instead of the second.

You can access the complete curriculum for the 2nd semester at Biology 2 & 2A. This page includes Google slides for each chapter and student activities and assignments. Each chapter has practice quizzes that students can complete to prepare for exams.

In my school, A designations are for honors classes. Much of the material remains the same, with some additional assignments and greater depth in concepts. For example, honors students will go into greater detail on how DNA mutations can affect proteins and their relationship to human disorders, like hemophilia.

The course includes several laboratory activities, such as a DNA extraction and a virtual fruit fly investigation.

The course also includes comparative animal anatomy, which is covered in chapters 25 and 26. In this unit, students will dissect a squid, a frog, and a fetal pig (Bio 2A). Students can opt-out of dissections by completing alternative assignments.

Biology 2 is a semester long class. It follows the Biology 1 class from the fall semester. It is highly recommended that students pass Bio 1 before taking Bio2.

Chapters Covered

11 – Cell Growth and Division
12 – Introduction to Genetics
13 – DNA
14 – RNA and Protein Synthesis
15 – The Human Genome
16 – Biotechnology

17 – Darwin’s Theory
18 – Evolution of Populations
19 – Biodiversity
20 – History of Life

25 – Animal Systems 1
26 – Animal System 2