Early Discoveries in Science – Remote Version


I made this remote version of Early Discoveries in Science – CER to work for remote learning. The stories are the same where the students highlight the claim and evidence and write in a reasoning statement.

The remote edition was created using Google slides. Students divide into breakout rooms on Zoom and assigned only 2 of the 8 slides to complete. Why just two? The main reason is how files are shared and edited within Google Classroom. You can give the entire class one document and they can all edit it, but this isn’t ideal for small group activities.

The work-around is split a document into sections and have each group do a section. The sections on this document are organized by Breakout Room and each has a unique background color.

Another way is to assign groups one document to edit. Make multiple copies of the document and then use the “assign” dropdown menu to only assign to the members of the group. This is time consuming and it will populate your gradebook with multiple versions of the same assignment. Not ideal.

Breakout Rooms

There are two additional stories added so that I could have 4 breakout rooms. The stories I added are about Edward Jenner and the development of a vaccine, and Schwann’s work on the Cell Theory. The quiz I will make for later in the week is a version the Bee version of this activity which creates multiple choices for claim, evidence, and reasoning and can be administered with Google forms.

slide of breakout room 4