Scientific Method -Beriberi

This is a a revised version of the Scientific Method in Action worksheet where there is a greater focus on the chickens who became sick due to a vitamin deficiency. The assignment is also optimized for use with distance learning, students can write their answers in the boxes and submit over Google Classroom or other LMS.

I have the top row names set to include 4 names and this worksheet is intended to be completed in small groups. I use Zoom breakout groups, though there are ways to make small groups within Google Meet. One student in the group shares their screen and fills in the answers as they discuss. Depending on the age and skillset of your class, you may need to provide them additional instructions on how to share screens and split screens so they can write on their own document while the group discusses. Alternately, the group can share and edit one document. This gets a little more complicated if you are trying to keep the document in small groups.

My classes are fully remote as of August 2020., so many of the activities I do in class are being converted to a format that works better online.

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