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  • Scientific Method Study on Beriberi and Chickens

    Scientific Method Study on Beriberi and Chickens

    Revised version of the Scientific Method in Action worksheet that focuses on the chickens who became sick due to a vitamin deficiency.

  • Genetics: Sexy Chickens

    Genetics: Sexy Chickens

    This worksheet was designed for advanced students of biology or for honors students who are ready for an extra challenge. Birds have a ZW sex determination system instead of the XY system seen in humans. If your students have a good grasp on sex-linked traits in humans, then this scenario is a way to really…

  • Genetics of Chicken Combs

    Genetics of Chicken Combs

    The combs of chickens are controlled by four alleles, which interact to produce four distinct phenotypes: single, rose, pea, and walnut. In this exercise, students predict the outcomes of chicken crosses. Ideally, students should already know how to do crosses that involve two traits, the mechanisms for solving these problems are similar. My honors biology…