CER and Data Analysis

In this CER introduction, the first page explain scientific argumentation (claim, evidence, reasoning). The students practice by analyzing a graph that compares the number of ACE2 receptors in cells by age group.

The overall claim is that children are less likely to be infected by coronavirus because they have fewer receptors. Coronavirus uses these receptors to gain entry into the cell. Students do not need to have a background knowledge on cells to complete this activity.

The student handout includes an overview on scientific argumentation and defines CLAIM, EVIDENCE, and REASONING. This document can be used as a stand-alone lesson or introduction of data analysis and scientific reasoning.

I have a complete list of CER activities for almost every chapter!

Many of the labs in my advanced science classes end with a CER. For short labs and observation experiments, long form lab reports are not idea. Instead, have students make their observations and turn in the CER at the end of class. Most CER write-ups are 1 -2 paragraphs.