CER and Data Analysis

In this CER introduction, the first page explain scientific argumentation (claim, evidence, reasoning), and then asks them to practice by analyzing a graph that compares the number of ACE2 receptors in cells by age group. The overall claim is that children are less likely to be infected by coronavirus because they have fewer receptors. Coronavirus uses these receptors to gain entry into the cell.

The student handout includes an overview on scientific argumentation and defines CLAIM, EVIDENCE, and REASONING. This document can be used as a stand-alone lesson for remote learning and the introduction of data analysis and scientific reasoning.

My remote learning plans include small group work using Zoom or Google Meet. This graph is fairly advanced and many students will not know what the error bars mean, but that is a discussion for another day. The goal is for students to work together in small groups to determine what CLAIM is being made in the graph and what the graph is presenting as evidence for that claim. The student version has explanation text with the graph for more information about what the role of ACE2 receptors are in coronavirus infection.

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