Simple Mendelian Genetics Practice Problems

Students learning basic Mendelian genetics can practice assigning genotypes and  identifying heterozygous and homozygous configurations.  Squares are set up to do crosses with purple and white flowers as seen in Mendel’s pea plants.

The worksheet is very simple, designed for beginning students of biology and genetics.   More difficult versions of genetics practice problems might include problems with codominance and sex-linkage.

The worksheet starts with simple problems and includes a Punnett square framework and then adds more difficult problems where students must set up the squares on their own.

Honors classes might even learn how to do dihybrid problems, but those problems are time intensive. Dihybrid crosses are also not usually included in science standardized tests.

Model organisms are included as problem sets, such as pea plants and guinea pigs.   There are two pages of practice problems, though I will sometimes only assign the first page. The second page is a little more difficult than the first one.

In 2021, I added a remote version of this worksheet where students can complete the squares using Google slides using Chromebooks. The key to this document is located at TpT.

HS-LS3-3 Apply concepts of statistics and probability to explain the variation and distribution of expressed traits in a population.

Grade Level:  7-12
Time Required: 15-25 min