HIV Coloring

HIV coloringHIV coloring worksheet uses a model to understand viral transmission.  Students identify and color the major structures related to HIV transmission and replication.

1. Attachment
2. Reverse Transcriptase creates DNA from the viral RNA
3. Viral DNA integrates with the host cell DNA
4. Ribosomes and Golgi apparatus use the viral DNA instructions to create more viral proteins
5. Virus is assembled and buds from the host cell

Students color each structure and answer questions related to the model.  Finally, students are asked to create their own model of how a DNA virus would infect a cell and replicate.  The worksheet also provides information about how anti-viral drugs interfere with different stages of viral infection. For example,  some drugs can prevent the attachment of the virus to the cell, and other drugs might prevent transcription from occurring.

Grade Level:  9-12
Time Required: 30-40 minutes

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