AP Biology

Unit 3: Evolution

Chapter 17 - Darwin and Evolution

- Introduction to Evolution (Discussion) powerpoint
Ch 17 Darwin and Evolution  powerpoint
Ch 17 Evidence of Evolution powerpoint

Case Study: White-Striped Clover

(Video) Natural Selection
(Video) Examples of Natural Selection

(Video) The Origin of Tetrapods

Chapter 18 -Process of Evolution powerpoint

(ELab) Bunnies and Selection

Types of Selection Graphing

Case Study: The Tale of Three Lice

(Math) Hardy Weinberg

(Video) Genetic Drift
(Video) Phylogenetics

Chapter 19Origin of Life powerpoint

Examining the Fossil Record

(Video) Speciation and Extinction
(Video) The Origin of Life

Chapter 32Human Evolution powerpoint

(Video) SciShow: Facts About Human Evolution