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  • Measuring Water Quality with Biodiversity

    Measuring Water Quality with Biodiversity

    Students manipulate data to show how water quality and stream diversity are connected. Dataclassroom is used to analyze data sets and complete a CER.

  • Experimental Design

    Experimental Design

    Students in most science classes start with an overview of scientific processes. For advanced students, I use this cheat sheet to remind them of the major features of the scientific method, such as a control group, dependent and independent variables. AP Bio students are also introduced to the concept of the null and alternative hypotheses…

  • Reinforcement: Scientific Processes

    Reinforcement: Scientific Processes

    I designed this worksheet for an introductory biology class. It reinforces concepts that are introduced in the first chapter. Students learn about how science works, what a hypothesis is, and how data is analyzed. Reinforcement worksheets have definitions or sentences that include a key word and students much choose from a bank of vocabulary words…

  • Investigation:  Processes of Science

    Investigation: Processes of Science

    Students must develop their own causal question about what biological factors affect a person’s lung capacity, Then test their hypothesis using a respirometer.

  • Scientific Method Scenarios

    Scientific Method Scenarios

    students work in groups to develop an experiment that answers a question. Students design the experiment, and must also identify the a control group and the independent and dependent variables in their experiment.