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  • Investigation: Oreo Cookie Lab with Stats

    Investigation: Oreo Cookie Lab with Stats

    Introductory lab introduces students to hypothesis testing. Students determine if “double stuff” Oreo cookies really do contain double the amount of stuffing.

  • Corn Chi Square (remote)

    Corn Chi Square (remote)

    This is the remote version of a classroom activity I do with corn ears. Students would count the kernels (smooth, wrinkled, purple, yellow) and determine if the ears of corn are the result of a dihybrid cross, RrPp x RrPp. This gives students the opportunity to apply statically analysis to data sets and determine if…

  • DataClassroom


    High school biology classrooms often lack the time and resources to do long term studies and data collection that researchers engage in. Luckily for us, many projects make their data available for use by schools. Organizations like HHMI and Data Nuggets have created student resources that focus on analyzing real scientific data. One of these…

  • Investigation: Properties of Water (with Stats)

    Investigation: Properties of Water (with Stats)

    This investigation asks students to review the properties of water as they relate to life, usually a topic covered in the first or second chapter of most biology textbooks.   Students then perform an experiment where they test the number of drops that can be placed on penny and compare that test to drops that…

  • Chi Square Analysis

    Chi Square Analysis

    The new Advanced Placement Biology curriculum includes a few topics on statistical analysis under the section on Science Practices: “Students can use mathematics appropriately.”  Most introductory level biology classes (freshman) do not include these lessons because it can be difficult with students who haven’t advanced very far in algebra.   Seniors in  AP Biology should…