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  • Cells Alive Worksheet

    Cells Alive Worksheet

    This worksheet follows diagrams and activities at CellsAlive.com which focuses on the size of cells compared to other objects, such as viruses and pollen.  Students view interactive plant, animal, and bacteria cells to learn about the different structures associated with each.

  • Investigation:  Why Are Cells So Small?

    Investigation: Why Are Cells So Small?

    This activity requires students to practice math skills by measuring the surface area and the volume of boxes.   Collect boxes for students to use, these can be any type of box, such as tissue boxes, food boxes, or shoe boxes.  Ideally, you want a range of sizes, with at least one box being overly…

  • Investigation: Estimating Population Size

    Investigation: Estimating Population Size

    In this investigation, students simulate how mark and recapture techniques are used to estimate population size.   Prepare populations in advance by gathering 60-150 small objects, like toy spiders,  beans, or beads.   Toy animals seem to be more exciting for students, and you can sometimes find them at dollar stores.  In my class, I…

  • Investigation:  Modeling Diffusion

    Investigation: Modeling Diffusion

    This inquiry investigation requires students to cut agar into 3 shapes (small, medium, large) and compare the rates of diffusion.