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  • Brazilian Wasp Venom Kills Cancer Cells  – CER

    Brazilian Wasp Venom Kills Cancer Cells – CER

    Students complete an CER on how Brazilian wasp venom can disrupt the cell membrane of cancer cells which can potentially be used to treat disease.

  • Cell Membrane Coloring

    Cell Membrane Coloring

    Color the cell membrane with a focus on diffusion, osmosis and transport proteins. Students color the structures of a cell membrane according to the directions. Then they answer questions about cell transport. I designed this worksheet for an introductory biology course to reinforce concepts related to cell transport. An image shows the phospholipid bilayer with…

  • Cell Membrane and Transport

    Cell Membrane and Transport

    This reinforcement worksheet displays a graphic of the cell membrane showing the phospholipid bilayer and embedded proteins.    Students identify structures within the bilayer and use reasoning to determine how molecules are moving across the membrane in response to a hypertonic solution. Worksheet was designed for freshman level biology classes who are studying osmosis and…