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  • Enzymes and Substrates – Coloring

    Enzymes and Substrates – Coloring

    A simple worksheet showing how enzymes bind to substrates to create products. Students color a graphic and answer questions.

  • Catalase Activity in Yeast Using Sodium Alginate

    Catalase Activity in Yeast Using Sodium Alginate

    Create yeast spheres using sodium alginate to test the rate of enzyme reactions at different concentrations and temperatures.

  • StoryLab: How Enzymes Work

    StoryLab: How Enzymes Work

    This story lab aligns to an investigations students do with enzymes where they put hydrogen peroxide on liver and observe bubbles produced from the reaction with catalase. This investigation has several versions for different levels of biology (regular track, intro, and AP) though the story lab was intended for the intro track students who do…

  • Investigation: How Do Enzymes Work?

    Investigation: How Do Enzymes Work?

    This lab is fairly basic, but when given with guided instruction how enzymes catalyze reactions, students can have a hands-on experience into how proteins are related to function.

  • Investigation: Enzymes

    Investigation: Enzymes

    This simple investigation can be completed using materials easily obtained from stores.  In a series of tests, students observe how the enzyme catalase breaks down hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water.  Catalase is found in  living tissues, but a good reaction can be observed when using chicken livers.  The bubbling of the peroxide serves as…