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  • Mitosis – Internet Exploration

    Mitosis – Internet Exploration

    This assignment can be a stand-alone activity to help students learn to identify the phases of mitosis by viewing¬† various animations.¬† There are several sites to visit, where students perform tasks, such as labeling and making comparisons. Site 1: Bioman Mitosis Mover This is a game site where you progress through levels. Students can print…

  • Mitosis in an Onion Cell

    Mitosis in an Onion Cell

    Graphic shows an image of the cells in an onion root tip in various stages of mitosis.

  • Mini Field Trip to the Park

    Mini Field Trip to the Park

    If you’re on the last days before school is out for the summer, you are probably encountering a lot of excited kids who really aren’t interested in sticking their nose in a book. Why not take them outside onto the school grounds or a nearby park and do outdoor projects?