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  • Population Genetics in a Fishbowl

    Population Genetics in a Fishbowl

    Students learn about Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium by exploring a virtual population of koi fish. This virtual lab allows students to run experiments where they can change variables, like population size, migration rate, mutation rate, and fitness of two separate alleles. The alleles being studied control the coloration of the fish. Fish can either be white, gold,…

  • Hardy Weinberg Squirrels

    Hardy Weinberg Squirrels

    This activity was created for students to complete on their own during the Covid-19 pandemic. Hardy Weinberg equilibrium can be a difficult concept, even with class guidance, so I’ve attempted to break it down into small bite-sized pieces. The Hardy-Weinberg equation is a fundamental principle in population genetics that describes the relationship between allele frequencies…

  • Hardy Weinberg Problemset

    Hardy Weinberg Problemset

    Students can practice using the Hardy Weinberg equilibrium equation to determine the allele frequencies in a population. This set of 10 questions gives students just enough information to solve for p (dominant allele frequency) and q (recessive allele frequency). They will also calculate the percentage of heterozygous individuals (2pq). I designed this worksheet for an…

  • Teddy Graham Lab Modeling HW Equilibrium

    Teddy Graham Lab Modeling HW Equilibrium

    Model Hardy Weinberg equilibrium using Teddy Grahams. Compare happy bears to sad bears.

  • Hardy Weinberg and the Pocket Mouse

    Hardy Weinberg and the Pocket Mouse

    Use Hardy Weinberg equilibrium to analyze data of rock pocket mouse populations in the desert.