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  • Digestive System Drag and Drop with Quiz

    Digestive System Drag and Drop with Quiz

    Use Google slides to label the digestive system. This set was made for anatomy students to practice labeling the alimentary canal and biliary system.

  • Label the Digestive System of a Rabbit

    Label the Digestive System of a Rabbit

    Students in biology may or may not do extensive dissections, but most biology classes do include a unit on comparative anatomy. Many teachers substitute dissections with virtual labs or paper versions of dissections where students label, color, or cut out parts. This worksheet shows a simplified diagram of a human and a rabbit digestive system…

  • Digestive Concept Map

    Digestive Concept Map

    Students use this concept map to reinforce their understanding of the digestive system and how structures within that system are related. The mouth is where food is chewed and mixed with saliva. Saliva contains enzymes that start to break down food. The esophagus is a muscular tube that connects the mouth to the stomach. The…

  • Investigation:  Esophagus

    Investigation: Esophagus

    This activity was designed for high school anatomy students, though it could easily be used in biology or even elementary school classes. The goal is for students to determine if water moves down the esophagus by gravity or by the action of the muscles, peristalsis. First, students measure the length of the esophagus with ruler…

  • Model the Digestive System with Coloring

    Model the Digestive System with Coloring

    The digestive system is a series of organs that work together to break down food into nutrients that the body can use. The digestive system includes the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, and anus. Coloring activities can be helpful to give students a chance to model the organ systems.  I short, coloring…