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  • Biome Viewer

    Biome Viewer

    This activity asks students to explore an interactive globe at HHMI . This interactive allows students to zoom in on areas of the globe and learn details about its climate and the types of animals that liver there. A button can be used to compare two biomes for features such as precipitation and temperature. The…

  • Biological Magnification

    Biological Magnification

    This article discusses how toxic substances accumulate in top predators in an ecosystem, a phenomenon called biological magnification. This accumulation can have dire effects on those populations and can threaten the entire species with extinction. Students read background information on mercury and DDT and how those toxins are measured in PPM (parts per million). A…

  • African Elephant – Change Over Time

    African Elephant – Change Over Time

    Students read about how elephant populations declined over a century due to the ivory trade and how international laws attempt to protect elephants. A video shows how female elephants in some areas have evolved the tuskless trait in response to selective pressure from poaching.

  • Endangered Species Project

    Endangered Species Project

    Students create a publication (website, infographic) to educate their classmates about a specific animal that is on the endangered species list.