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  • Gaucher Disease is a Lysosome Storage Disorder

    Gaucher Disease is a Lysosome Storage Disorder

    This mini-case study explores Gaucher disease, a lysosome storage disorder where cells are unable to clear harmful waste products.

  • Interactive Slides: Blood

    Interactive Slides: Blood

    These interactive slides on blood were created for pandemic teaching in 2021. Slides can be posted on Google Classroom or other learning management systems. My class are hybrid, where I have a mix of students watching from home and those in class. Students all have Chromebook and as we go through the slides, I’m explaining…

  • Analyzing Human Pedigrees

    Analyzing Human Pedigrees

    Biology students learn to analyze pedigrees as part of a unit on genetics. ¬†Pedigrees are usually learned soon after students have a grasp of Punnett squares and the concept of segregation. ¬† Some students will have an easy time with pedigrees, depending on how well they understood genetic crosses. ¬† In this activity, students are…