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  • Cell Membrane Transport Graphic Organizer

    Cell Membrane Transport Graphic Organizer

    Label a graphic that compares the types of transport in a cell, such as osmosis, diffusion, and active transport.

  • Virtual Diffusion Lab

    Virtual Diffusion Lab

    The diffusion lab has been a yearly activity in my biology class as part of a unit on cells and cell transport. Students fill a bag with starch and water and then submerge it in a solution of iodine and observe what happens. The iodine diffuses across the plastic bag and turns the starch purple.…

  • Reinforcement: Cell Transport

    Reinforcement: Cell Transport

    This reinforcement worksheet was designed for introductory biology, to help students learn concepts related to cell transport across the membrane. Words include osmosis, diffusion, hypertonic, and hypotonic, semipermeable, and active and passive transport. The exercise has vocabulary terms and a list of sentences or definitions for students to match to the words. I use google…

  • Cell Membrane Coloring

    Cell Membrane Coloring

    Color the cell membrane with a focus on diffusion, osmosis and transport proteins. Students color the structures of a cell membrane according to the directions. Then they answer questions about cell transport. I designed this worksheet for an introductory biology course to reinforce concepts related to cell transport. An image shows the phospholipid bilayer with…

  • Cell Membrane Captions

    Cell Membrane Captions

    Students examine images of transport across the cell membrane and identify key features such as the phospholipid bilayer, channel proteins,  and receptors.  Students then provide a title, such as “osmosis” and create a caption that describes the process being shown.

  • Investigation: How Can Diffusion Be Observed?

    Investigation: How Can Diffusion Be Observed?

    This investigation provides a hands-on way to observe what happens when a chemical moves across a semipermeable membrane.   In this case, a cheap plastic bag serves as a model for the cell membrane and shows that iodine will move into the bag and turn the contents purple.

  • The Anatomy of the Kidney and Nephron

    The Anatomy of the Kidney and Nephron

    This coloring worksheet asks students to color the kidney to identify where structures like the medulla, cortex, renal vessels and ureters are located.   Another image focuses on an individual nephron to identify the glomerulus, proximal and distal tubules, and the Loop of Henle. This worksheet is intended for advanced students of anatomy.  Students will…

  • Investigation:  Observing Diffusion & Semi-Permeable Membranes

    Investigation: Observing Diffusion & Semi-Permeable Membranes

      Units on the cell will also include lessons about how the cell transports materials across the membrane.  For beginning biology students who don’t have a strong foundation in physical science, the ideas of entropy, solutions, and concentrations can be overwhelming.   Diffusion is easy to explain with a perfume bottle or food coloring.  …

  • Investigation:  Modeling Diffusion

    Investigation: Modeling Diffusion

    This inquiry investigation requires students to cut agar into 3 shapes (small, medium, large) and compare the rates of diffusion.

  • Observing Diffusion Using Iodine and Plastic Bags

    Observing Diffusion Using Iodine and Plastic Bags

    Use simple materials to model diffusion. Place corn starch in a bag and then submerge into a solution of iodine.