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  • DNA – Build It

    DNA – Build It

    This digital modeling activity allows students to build a DNA model by dragging the individual parts into a completed diagram

  • Reinforcement:  DNA

    Reinforcement: DNA

    This worksheet was designed for 2nd year biology (AP Biology) as a way for students to review the structure of DNA and the history of the experiments that lead to its establishment as the molecule of heredity. Historical references include those related to Frederick Griffith’s experiments with transformation in bacteria and Hershey-Chase experiments with bacteriophages.…

  • DNA Coloring

    DNA Coloring

    In this activity, students color a DNA molecule according to directions that describe the base-pair rule and how the backbone of the molecule is composed of deoxyribose and phosphate arranged in a double helix.  In addition, students are introduced to the concept of messenger RNA and how the sequence of bases determine and amino acid chain…

  • Construct a DNA Model

    Construct a DNA Model

    This simple activity asks students to cut out shapes of nucleotides, each having a phosphate, a base, and a deoxyribose sugar.  Students color each nucleotide and paste them in an anti-parallel orientation.   Worksheet has space for pasting the completed model and a few questions regarding the base-pair rule, and the composition of a nucleotide.