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  • Measuring Biodiversity Using Beans

    Measuring Biodiversity Using Beans

    Students analyze a community of beans (pinto, lima, navy) to determine the richness, abundance, and biodiversity index of two communities. 

  • Niche Partitioning – Gorongosa Phenomenon

    Niche Partitioning – Gorongosa Phenomenon

    In order to convert my lectures to phenomenon-based lessons, I started the community interaction chapter with a mini-case about how animals on the savanna share one resource, grasses.   The idea is that students would slowly build their understanding of how energy transfers through ecosystems and how populations within an area are limited by those resources. …

  • Case Study – Are Invading Bullfrogs Harmful?

    Case Study – Are Invading Bullfrogs Harmful?

    Students follow a story about an ecologist and a student who are studying the population size of bullfrogs in California.   These amphibians are considered an invasive species in that area and have been causing the decline of native species.   Students learn concepts related to community interactions and learn one species can cause the decline…