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  • Constructing Cladograms: Fly and Heloderma

    Constructing Cladograms: Fly and Heloderma

    Use Google slides to construct a cladogram of flies lizards in the genus Heloderma.

  • Construct a Chordate Cladogram – Guided Learning

    Construct a Chordate Cladogram – Guided Learning

    Students learn how to construct a cladogram with this guided learning activity that focuses on the chordate group.

  • Bear, Species, & DNA

    Bear, Species, & DNA

    This activity was created during the Covid-19 pandemic for students to complete at home using the interactive explore at Learn.Genetics. The activity is probably best for 2nd year biology students or AP Biology, but it could potentially work with first year students. The questions aren’t hard, but the concepts can be difficult to grasp. The…

  • What is a Cladogram?

    What is a Cladogram?

    Students are given a description and an example of a cladogram showing the relationship between lizards, snakes, crocodiles, and birds. They are then walked through the process of creating a cladogram for five animal examples: frog, fish, bird, koala, and lizard. The process involves suggesting traits that these animals share and finding traits that are…

  • Cladogram Analysis

    Cladogram Analysis

    A short explanation of phylogeny and using cladograms, where students analyze a diagram, identify derived characters, and then construct their own cladogram.