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  • Constructing Cladograms: Fly and Heloderma

    Constructing Cladograms: Fly and Heloderma

    Use Google slides to construct a cladogram of flies lizards in the genus Heloderma.

  • What is a Cladogram?

    What is a Cladogram?

    Students are given a description and an example of a cladogram showing the relationship between lizards, snakes, crocodiles, and birds. They are then walked through the process of creating a cladogram for five animal examples: frog, fish, bird, koala, and lizard. The process involves suggesting traits that these animals share and finding traits that are…

  • Cladogram Analysis

    Cladogram Analysis

    A short explanation of phylogeny and using cladograms, where students analyze a diagram, identify derived characters, and then construct their own cladogram.