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  • Trophic Cascades at Biointeractive

    Trophic Cascades at Biointeractive

    This worksheet is designed for the Interactive Activity on Trophic Cascades at HHMI Biointeractive . Students learn how the loss or addition of a species, like a fox, can affect other organisms in the system. Students complete the worksheet by answering questions as they explore the interactive activity. The activity illustrates a trophic cascade in…

  • Ecology Lesson on Trophic Cascades

    Ecology Lesson on Trophic Cascades

    This year I decided to change the way I teach the last unit of the year, which is ecology.   Our textbook is really old, and not aligned to NGSS.  The lessons followed a familiar “old-school” pattern:  take notes mainly about definitions, do an activity or lab, then take a quiz.  This year, I wanted to…