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  • Growing Sponge Animals

    Growing Sponge Animals

    This simple activity provides an introduction to laboratory techniques and data collection. Students measure how a sponge animal toy grows when submerged in cold and warm water.

  • Top 10 Classroom Pets

    Top 10 Classroom Pets

    Many science teachers have classroom specimens (or pets) to serve as model organisms, to teach students how to care for animals, and to generally liven up the space.   When I first started teaching, I inherited a room that had beautiful cabinets full of specimens preserved in formaldehyde. I wanted a pet in  that space…

  • Are Kids Out of Touch with Nature?

    Are Kids Out of Touch with Nature?

    My students are suburban raised and have very little experience in the wild. After reading the article, “Give Childhood Back to Children,” I considered that playing outside not only helps kids learn social structures, it also allows them to explore nature.

  • Trip to the St. Louis Zoo

    Trip to the St. Louis Zoo

    As I walked along a path with bird exhibits to either side, it was very peaceful.  I didn’t feel crowded at all, and could sit at a bench and watch a little vulturine guineafowl as it went about its daily activities.