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  • Exploring Enzymes by Analyzing Graphics

    Exploring Enzymes by Analyzing Graphics

    Students examine several images related to enzymes and answer questions. Worksheet covers how enzymes act on substrates, how they lower the activation energy of a reaction, how they have optimal temperature and pH, and how they can be inhibited.

  • Falling Cats – CER

    Falling Cats – CER

    Students practice Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning (CER) while examining the relationship between falling height and cat injuries. The graphs show that cats who fall 2-7 stories often suffer more injuries than cats who fall from greater distances. Not much information is given about how the data was collected, though the original source is included, I…

  • Data Analysis: Funky Juncos

    Data Analysis: Funky Juncos

    View a short video about how a group of birds split from the main population and evolved in relative isolation near a college campus.   The film is  is 88 minutes long and all of its parts can be viewed at the Juncoproject.com, though for this activity, only one 16 minute chapter is viewed.    The…

  • Case Study:  Can a Virus Cause Diabetes?

    Case Study: Can a Virus Cause Diabetes?

    This case asks students to examine data on children diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes after reading a short story about a young girl who was losing weight and feeling thirsty.  The content looks at a possible connection between diabetes and infection by the coxsackie virus, a virus that is responsible for “hand, foot, and mouth”…

  • Cladogram Analysis

    Cladogram Analysis

    A short explanation of phylogeny and using cladograms, where students analyze a diagram, identify derived characters, and then construct their own cladogram.