Sci Method: Treehoppers

If you want to introduce your students to the world of science podcasts, you might start small with this short activity on treehoppers. A five-minute listen from St. Louis Public Radio shares research on how these insects use vibrations to find mates.

The worksheet asks students to identify the hypothesis, describe the experimental design and write an abstract.

The worksheet is set up in Google docs for distance learning, so all you need to do is share the document with your students (make a copy for each) which has the link to listen to the story. Any worksheet on google docs can be edited, but you will need to make your own copy.

Since Fall of 2020 will be starting off as remote learning due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I’ve been brainstorming ways of making learning activities more interesting and dynamic. I don’t want students to just be doing worksheets every day, but instead try to engage them in popular science that is available through social media and podcasts.

Treehoppers are charismatic little insects!

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