Label the Eye

This worksheet shows an image of the eye with structures numbered. Students practice labeling the eye or teachers can print this to use as an assessment.

There are two versions on the google doc and pdf file, one where the word bank is included and another with no word bank for differentiation. You could also print both and students could practice with the word bank first and then try without.

The image was modified from an eye diagram at Wikimedia Commons . I added the numbers and additional errors to identify structures that weren’t on the original diagram.

You can also download this version of the same activity where students drag and drop labels to an image. The images are on google slides, which makes it easy to assign on Google Classroom.

There are a few terms that can be vague, for example, the aqueous humor could also be labeled as the aqueous chamber. Zonule of Zinn can also be called suspensory ligaments.

You could also have the students list the general functions of each of the structures shown as part of their assignment.