Complete Cat Dissection Student Guide

cat dissection guide

Cat dissection manual for anatomy and physiology students. A cat dissection is not usually performed in biology and reserved for upper level anatomy or college students. My anatomy class is only available for juniors and seniors. Some students may have ethical issues with dissections, and I refer them to an alternate version for the dissection that mainly uses photos of cats.

The assessment for the cat dissection consists of photos of the cat where students identify structures. This is assigned on Chromebooks using a Google form. You can also purchase a powerpoint version of the assessment at TpT.

Student Guide

This manual covers the superficial muscles and major vessels of the circulatory system. Students also explore the digestive system, which includes removing the stomach and intestines. Finally, students find organs of the urinary and reproductive systems.

Each section has a task for students to complete, such as answering questions and labeling diagrams. Students also upload photos to Google classroom with structures labeled. I provide colored pins for labeling and students use those to identify the organs.

In class, students work in groups of 3-4. I suggest that they choose one person to be the “librarian” who is in charge of using the lab guide and other resources to locate structures. This can help alleviate some issues with students who are squeamish with dissections.

In addition to this manual, my students are provide with the a manual “The Pictorial Anatomy of the Cat” by Stephen Gilbert. They are also encouraged to access the photo gallery of the cat I keep on Google: Cat Dissection and Cat Vessels.

The Google Doc file can be modified, just download file to your own google drive and make changes.

Grade Level: 11-12
Time Required: 5-8 days