Learn the Animal Cell

This animal cell coloring worksheet can be used with freshman biology for years as a supplemental way to learn the parts of the cell. I assign it as a review or reinforcement exercise. It’s also a good activity for rainy days and sub days.

This version of the cell coloring includes a cell diagram that is numbered so that students can find the parts without consulting a textbook. A numbered list describes each structure and its function. Students find the cell parts by the number on a diagram and color it. It’s simple, and students can do this without a textbook or any background knowledge.

The last section is a matching exercise. Match the description to the cell part. For example: “provides energy for the cell” would match to the mitochondrion.

Students can use this worksheet as a stand-alone exercise in learning the parts of the cell. All of the answers are found in the descriptions.

Cell Coloring

Grade Level:  6-12
Time Required:  15-20 minutes