Microscope Introduction – “e” Lab

This lab is similar to the “e” lab used with freshman biology, but designed for students in the vocational track.  It has less reading and more detailed steps for using the microscope as well as a larger font and bigger spacing.  This helps students who are not good readers or are English language learners.   Small compact text which has too many steps can discourage beginners from attempting to complete the activity.

This version also has a photo of a microscope for a quick reference rather than asking students to use their notes or other sources to answer the questions.   Like the original version, students are also asked to look at “common things” to practice focusing the microscope.

This section of the activity is popular, students do enjoy looking at things under the microscope, but may need extra direction to stay on track to complete the lab.


A flea as seen in a stereoscope (dissecting microscope). Dissecting scopes can also be used for viewing live specimens! I like to put out my feeder mealworms and dubia roaches for students to view.