Science News Articles for Kids

Are you looking for current science for your students?   This is a list of go-to sources for reliable science news.   Most of these are created from primary sources, though written in a way that high school or even lower grades can understand.  I follow many of the pages on twitter so that I know when a new and relevant article has been posted.

My students learn to summarize, annotate, and create CER charts from current articles.

News Sources

Science in the Classroom –  annotated research papers which include teaching materials  @Sciclassroom

Science News for Students – organized by topic, most articles include vocabulary list and readability score   @SNStudents 

Newsela -not just for science, has features like quizzes and changing reading levels for differentiated instruction, integrates with google classroom, some features not available with free version. @Newsela 

Science Journal for Kids –  peer-reviewed science research which has amazing engaging graphics to go with the stories.  @SJforKids

Smithsonian Teen Tribune  – for grades k-12, includes Spanish versions

DOGOnews –  pro version works with google classroom, articles have a listen function

Other news sources

ScienceDaily  – this is one of my daily stops to see if anything interesting has been discovered @ScienceDaily

ScienceMag – curated by the American Association for the Advancement of Science  @sciencemagazine

Scientific American – digital version of this magazine, free articles and more for a subscription – this site has many news articles written in a way most people can understand, with links (DOI) to the peer-reviewed originals

Short Science Articles by Popular Science


If you can’t share articles via Google Classroom and you print them, PrintFriendly will reduce the size of the files and remove a lot of the extraneous content (ads).