Color the Parts of a Microscope


Learning about the microscope is a common lesson in biology classes. Your students will come to class with varying experience with this tool. Some will have microscopes at home, maybe from a gift they received as a younger person. However, these toys do not always have the detail and functionality that laboratory microscopes have.

In this microscope activity, students read text that describe the parts and functions of the microscope and ask them to color the parts as they read. I designed this for introductory biology students as a way to familiarize them with the tool before they go to the lab.

Microscope image includes the objective lenses, eyepiece, diaphragm, stage, and adjustment knobs.  Each coloring instruction is followed by a checkbox to help students pause and color the appropriate structure on the diagram.

This is a very basic level worksheet that I have used in my introductory classes who need extra practice on learning the parts before they are ready to head to the lab.   Worksheet has questions and must be colored according to the directions.


Grade Level: 7-9
Time Required:  15-20 minutes