Top 5 Online Quiz Makers

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect study system and quiz creators to supplement my classroom activities.  I have created my own collection of quizzes that use javascript and can be easily shared with students over Google Classroom or other LMS.

Here are my top five picks for quiz creators.

1. Quizlet

This robust site that has so many science specific quizzes you many not need to even make your own. The quizzes are very specific to a course (AP biology) and are listed as “sets” which include questions, pronunciations, flashcards and games. Quizlet also gives you the ability to upload images, which is great for having students practice diagram labeling. You can share your quiz via facebook, twitter, embed within your own page or send a link to your students. Another good feature of quizlet is the option to print tests, so that you can use them in your class without an internet connection or computer.  

Sample Quiz:  Chapter 1 Biology

2. – very pretty graphics and flashy transitions.  Students give good feedback on this one because it resembles games and they can practice quizzes to get better.    Like quizlet, you can also search a bank of quizzes by topic to assign to classes.

Sample Quiz:  Evolution

3.  Quizziz – contains a library of quizzes from teachers all over the world. You can copy them to your account and edit them . The quizzes are flashy and keep scores so you can share the high scores with the class. I even give stickers as prizes!

Sample Quiz: Endocrine System

4. GoConqr – Create a quiz that can be shared on social media and printed cleanly.  The interface for this app resembles social media, where users can interact with each other and comment on quizzes.  It’s a little busy and difficult to navigate.

Sample Quiz:  Heart

5.  Google Forms  –  This one only makes the list because of the ease of integration with google classroom.  You can create a quiz right within that interface.   The interface is however, clunky, and while it’s easy to assign it to your students, it’s difficult to share with other teachers so they could edit it or use it in their own class.

Sample Quiz:  The Science of Biology