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  • Penny Lab: Soap and Surface Tension

    Penny Lab: Soap and Surface Tension

    Most science classes begin the year with an exercise on the scientific method.  It can be difficult to plan a short activity that will reinforce the main ideas of developing and testing a hypothesis.  This lab is simple and doesn’t require much in the way of materials: pennies, water, and pipettes (and paper towels for…

  • Investigation:  Two Point Discrimination Test

    Investigation: Two Point Discrimination Test

    Students investigate the sensitivity of different areas of the skin using a mathematical compass to stimulate mechanoreceptors.   The procedure asks students to place the points of the compass on different areas, such as the forearm and the palm and have a test subject report whether one point is being felt or two points.  The compass…

  • McMush Lab

    McMush Lab

    I designed this investigation for AP biology though it could be modified to work with students in introductory biology classes.  First students learn the four macromolecules important to life: carbohydrates, lipids,  proteins, and nucleic acids. They can then venture into the lab where they use indicators to test for the presence of these molecules in…

  • Teaching Chi Square Analysis

    Teaching Chi Square Analysis

    How to teach chi square analysis in biology. Includes presentation slides and student assignment.