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  • Evolution of Caffeine

    Evolution of Caffeine

    In this activity, students access a database called UniProt that provides information about protein sequences derived from genome sequencing. Students search for the protein sequences of three plants that produce caffeine, Camellia sinensis, Coffea arabica, and Theobroma cacao (tea, coffee, and cocoa). They compare the protein sequences to determine if the gene to create caffeine arose independently…

  • Investigation:  Taste Buds and Signal Transduction

    Investigation: Taste Buds and Signal Transduction

    As a part of the chapter on cell signal pathways, students perform a lab that examines how their taste buds are affected by Gymnema.    For this lab, I simply placed a question on the board “How does Gymnema tea affect your ability to taste sweet foods?”    I provided them with a list of…