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  • Tasmanian Devil Karyotype (Remote Version)

    Tasmanian Devil Karyotype (Remote Version)

    Examine a karyotype showing the chromosomes of a Tasmanian devil. Arrange chromosomes and determine diploid number.

  • Devils, Chromosomes and Cancer

    Devils, Chromosomes and Cancer

    This is a good follow-up activity to the Tasmanian Devil Karyotype, where students examine how the chromosomes of cancerous cells can be altered. It is a short read about a transmissible cancer found in Tasmanian devils which causes facial tumors. This cancer, known as is has already killed 85% of the overall population and threatens…

  • Karyotype of Tasmanian Devil Chromosomes

    Karyotype of Tasmanian Devil Chromosomes

    Students cut out each chromosome and organize them in pairs based on their patterns and size, they number them to determine the diploid number for the species and then consider a situation where the animal has an extra chromosome.  Students must determine which set has the extra chromosome and consider the concept of trisomy.