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  • Frog Dissection – Virtual  for Remote Learners

    Frog Dissection – Virtual for Remote Learners

    Students usually end the comparative anatomy unit with a dissection of a frog specimen. Though some schools have decided to opt out of this project, it remains one of the most remembered activities of the school year. I can understand why this project may seem like a relic, but it is still in our curriculum.…

  • Body Systems Graphic Organizer

    Body Systems Graphic Organizer

    Graphic of the body systems where students fill in blanks about structures within the organ system and their functions.   This concept map can be used as a review or as a way to organize notes over the body systems.

  • The Anatomy of a Bony Fish

    The Anatomy of a Bony Fish

    Learn the anatomy of the fish with this coloring worksheet. Student Activity This coloring worksheet. provides a basic overview of the anatomy of a bony fish.  Students color the fish according to the directions with each organ and fins being labeled by number.   Students will not need a reference to complete the activity, as…