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  • Speciation on Daphne Major – Big Birds Get No Love

    Speciation on Daphne Major – Big Birds Get No Love

    The beaks of finches on the island changed in size after a catastrophic draught. Students analyze graphs and explore how natural selection affects populations.

  • Speciation Modes – Reinforcement

    Speciation Modes – Reinforcement

    Students distinguish between allopatric and sympatric speciation and then identify what types of isolating mechanisms are described in scenarios.

  • Evolution Crossword

    Evolution Crossword

    This simple worksheet is designed to help students with vocabulary and study for their test over the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection.

  • Examining the Fossil Record

    Examining the Fossil Record

    During a unit on evolution, students learn a little about geologic time and how we use the fossil record to establish lineages.  In this project, students cut out pictures of fictional fossils and arrange them on a chart to show how one species become two species.   The activity includes a description of phyletic and…