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  • Cells Alive Worksheet

    Cells Alive Worksheet

    This worksheet follows diagrams and activities at CellsAlive.com which focuses on the size of cells compared to other objects, such as viruses and pollen.  Students view interactive plant, animal, and bacteria cells to learn about the different structures associated with each.

  • Concept Map on Blood

    Concept Map on Blood

    Students studying blood and the lymphatic students can get overwhelmed with the terminology used to describe blood and how blood is categorized.   This project is designed to help students organize these difficult terms by creating a large concept map which groups related ideas together and connects them to other ideas – a concept map!   …

  • Macromolecules: Sketchnotes

    In the past, I’ve had students create concept maps to help them organize the four macromolecules and related details.  This year, I modified the assignment to try to encourage the use of sketching to help students remember the details.  Students were asked to focus on one of the four macromolecules:  lipids, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, or…