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  • Genetics Practice (Remote)

    Genetics Practice (Remote)

    This worksheet was modified from a popular (and long-standing) worksheet where students practice genetics crosses: Simple Genetics Practice Problems. This version was created for remote learning during the 2020 pandemic. It is similar to the printout students would normally use, but in the case, I used inserted tables in Google docs to set up the…

  • Genetics Practice Problems – Easy Mode

    Genetics Practice Problems – Easy Mode

    This worksheet was created for an introductory level biology class. This worksheet is designed to move through difficulty levels, so students start with “easy mode,” then moving to “normal” and then finally “hard mode.” Students can move at their own pace, which instructors can help students who are struggling.

  • Photosynthesis Coloring

    Photosynthesis Coloring

    Students read short text passages and then color images to help them relate the textual information with the graphic.