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  • Infectious Disease Project

    Infectious Disease Project

    Create an infographic, poster, or pamphlet that instructs the public about a disease. Choose a historic disease, like bubonic plague and develop a presentation.

  • The Tardigrade Project

    The Tardigrade Project

    This project was created for AP Biology students where they scrape lichens from trees near campus and filter them over night so that tardigrades and other microorganisms can be collected from the water.

  • Concept Map on Blood

    Concept Map on Blood

    Students studying blood and the lymphatic students can get overwhelmed with the terminology used to describe blood and how blood is categorized.   This project is designed to help students organize these difficult terms by creating a large concept map which groups related ideas together and connects them to other ideas – a concept map!   …

  • Biome Project

    Biome Project

    Students become experts in a biome and create a product, such as a pamphlet, to showcase details about their assigned ecosystem (tundra, forest, ocean..etc.)

  • Macromolecules: Sketchnotes

    In the past, I’ve had students create concept maps to help them organize the four macromolecules and related details.  This year, I modified the assignment to try to encourage the use of sketching to help students remember the details.  Students were asked to focus on one of the four macromolecules:  lipids, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, or…

  • Endangered Species Project

    Endangered Species Project

    Students create a publication (website, infographic) to educate their classmates about a specific animal that is on the endangered species list.

  • Examining the Fossil Record

    Examining the Fossil Record

    During a unit on evolution, students learn a little about geologic time and how we use the fossil record to establish lineages.  In this project, students cut out pictures of fictional fossils and arrange them on a chart to show how one species become two species.   The activity includes a description of phyletic and…

  • High School Students Doing Field Biology

    High School Students Doing Field Biology

    If you are fortunate enough to teach near a university, there is a very good chance that programs at the college are in place to help high school teachers.   For years, I have been able to borrow equipment from Southern Illinois University and Washington University to alleviate the costs of buying the equipment for…

  • How to Make Group Activities and Grading Fair

    How to Make Group Activities and Grading Fair

    During the cell unit of Advanced Placement biology, students are required to do three investigations (labs):  Diffusion and Osmosis,  Photosynthesis, and Cellular Respiration.  Students work in groups of 3 to 4 to work through these investigations and analyze data.  I often have them only turn in ONE copy of the lab guide because as a…

  • Three Elements of Authentic Learning Projects

    Three Elements of Authentic Learning Projects

    One movement in education is to increase the number of AUTHENTIC learning modules, where students look at real-world problems, and work out solutions. This is often done in a collaborative environment where students work in small groups to produce an artifact or presentation that demonstrates their mastery of the topic.

  • Easy Science Fair Project Ideas

    Easy Science Fair Project Ideas

    Science fair project ideas for middle and high school students that are quick and easy to set up.