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  • Biome Project

    Biome Project

    Students become experts in a biome and create a product, such as a pamphlet, to showcase details about their assigned ecosystem (tundra, forest, ocean..etc.)

  • Review with Whiteboard Panels

    Review with Whiteboard Panels

    In order to review for final exams and to also tie together the semester, I had my students create boards that summarized the labs they did during the semester.   I choose 6 labs so that each group of three would be able create a whiteboard panel and do a mini presentation to the rest of…

  • Inquiry in Genetics Using Wisconsin Fast Plants

    Inquiry in Genetics Using Wisconsin Fast Plants

    Genetic Experiments can be intimidating for teachers due to the time and cost of breeding plants or animals in a classroom.  These issues are further complicated in a public school setting which may have space issues, limited funds, and lack of access to labs.   My favorite model for genetic experiments is the Wisconsin Fast…

  • Endangered Species Project

    Endangered Species Project

    Students create a publication (website, infographic) to educate their classmates about a specific animal that is on the endangered species list.