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  • Cell Labeling (Remote)

    Cell Labeling (Remote)

    Can you ever have too many cell labeling practice worksheets? This one uses Slides for students to drag and drop labels to the image.

  • Chromosome Structure

    Chromosome Structure

    A diagram of a chromosome in the nucleus of the cell. Students label the chromatid, centromere, chromosomes, cell membrane, DNA, and nucleus.

  • Cell Structures: A Graphic Organizer

    Cell Structures: A Graphic Organizer

    This graphic organizer (concept map) organizes the cell structures around three main parts of the eukaryotic cell: the nucleus, cytoplasm, and cell membrane.

  • Cell City

    Cell City

    This popular activity asks students to read a story about a fictional town where each part of the city is compared to the parts of a cell.   For example:  “Widgets are generally produced in small shops around the city, these small shops can be built by the carpenter’s union (whose headquarters are in town hall.)”   In this…

  • How to View Cheek Cells with a Microscope

    How to View Cheek Cells with a Microscope

    Simple activity for observing cells. Use methylene blue and toothpicks to gently scrape cells from the inside of a cheek and view under a microscope.