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  • Forensics Activity: The Mystery of the Bones

    Forensics Activity: The Mystery of the Bones

    Construct a skeleton from paper to model how forensic scientists use clues from the bones to determine sex, gender, age, height, and race.

  • Data Analysis – Stature and Bone Length

    Data Analysis – Stature and Bone Length

    Does the length of a person’s legs and arm bones correlate to the height of the person? The following graph shows a scatterplot of lengths of the humerus, tibia, femur and tibia. Examine the graphs shown below. What CLAIMS can be made to answer the question? Summarize the EVIDENCE shown in the graphs. Develop a…

  • Article:  The Body Farm

    Article: The Body Farm

    This article has been adapted to model standardized test questions students, where the article is divided into columns and each paragraph is labeled with a number. ¬†Students are required to find information in the text and analyze text structures. ¬† Readers are asked to used context clues to understand difficult vocabulary. ¬†Students must also make…

  • What Is an Autopsy?

    What Is an Autopsy?

    A short article about autopsies and medical examiners intended for students in anatomy. Students read a detailed description of an autopsy and answer questions that require close reading