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  • Interpreting a Food Web and Trophic Levels

    Interpreting a Food Web and Trophic Levels

    Students analyze a food web and determine the types of consumers, herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. Then they construct a pyramid of numbers.

  • McMush Lab

    McMush Lab

    I designed this investigation for AP biology though it could be modified to work with students in introductory biology classes.  First students learn the four macromolecules important to life: carbohydrates, lipids,  proteins, and nucleic acids. They can then venture into the lab where they use indicators to test for the presence of these molecules in…

  • Food Web: Identify Consumers

    Food Web: Identify Consumers

    Food webs are basic concepts in biology and ecology, where students learn the concept of energy flow in an ecosystem by  viewing models of food webs.   This labeling worksheet asks students to identify the primary, secondary, and tertiary consumers in a forest ecosystem. A food web is a representation of the complex interrelationship between…

  • Investigation: Owl Pellets

    Investigation: Owl Pellets

    Students open owl pellets to reveal the skeletons and fur of the owl’s last meal, and then reconstruct the skeletons using an bone chart.