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  • Speciation on Daphne Major – Big Birds Get No Love

    Speciation on Daphne Major – Big Birds Get No Love

    The beaks of finches on the island changed in size after a catastrophic draught. Students analyze graphs and explore how natural selection affects populations.

  • Speciation Modes – Reinforcement

    Speciation Modes – Reinforcement

    Students distinguish between allopatric and sympatric speciation and then identify what types of isolating mechanisms are described in scenarios.

  • Evolution – VIDA chart

    Evolution – VIDA chart

    This chart is used as a graphic organizer to help students understand the process of evolution by natural selection. I use this chart multiple times throughout the unit, basically for each model organism we study. VIDA means: Variation, Inheritance, Differential Survival and Reproduction, Adaptation. These principles apply not matter what organism you are studying. For…